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Can this really be cyber security awareness training?

Effective cyber security awareness training. Fun. Quick. Integrated.

We transformed infosec training because we hated it. We hated its deadly dullness, its jargon, its endless sessions. We hated how forgettable, pointless, and disconnected it all seemed. We desperately needed it to work: our lives and careers and companies and countries depended on it. But every solution we came across missed the mark dramatically. It was all pure "Click and Drool."

So we changed everything about cybersecurity awareness training as we found it. We made it fun. Engaging. A learning experience in spite of itself. We even integrated phishing tests - a function that is traditionally very disjointed from companies’ e-learning platforms.

And guess what? If you do infosec training right -- with great training content operating as part of a holistic strategy for managing cyber risk -- it works. Humans make fewer mistakes. They get less maddening. And we’re all safer.

I'm Human Error, I'm kind of a big deal

It’s all about this guy. To deal with him, you need to understand the root causes of human error as it relates to cyber security awareness. The sources of human error: Learn More

Humor: The world's #1 tool for engaging people
Human Error

An infosec training platform made fun, fast, persistent, and addictive

Learn how we built infosec training people love, remember, and want to see more of. Training that actually changes behavior.
Infosec Training Platform

Human Error

Security awareness training topics chosen to reduce risk

We address all the main security awareness training topics that lead to human error related breaches in organizations today. See how we help you mitigate the security-related human error risks that matter most to you right now.
Security Awareness Training Modules

Human Error

We even integrated simple, high-value phishing tests

See how phishing tests deliver more value when they’re easy to operate and customize -- and integrated into a complete, holistic training platform.
Phishing Tests