Module Topics

Teach data security best practices to keep information where it should be

Company data is especially vulnerable when it’s in motion. And there are plenty of places it just shouldn’t go. You know this, but many employees don’t. They just want to get the job done - and that creates massive security risks.

Few information security awareness topics are as important as securing data in motion. Ataata computer security training can help you get this right, propagating data security best practices company-wide.

Computer security training focused on data in motion

Our exclusive computer security training modules focus on specific vulnerabilities created when employees send data where it doesn’t belong. In just a few minutes a month, we’ll show your people why it’s so dangerous to:

  • Send company attachments to a home email account
  • Copy data to personal cloud storage that you can’t control
  • Allow devices on your network to be physically compromised
  • Plug “found” USB flash drives into company computers
  • Indiscriminately cc: emails to people who shouldn’t see them
  • And more...

Promote data security best practices by showing the awful alternative

Integrated into a holistic system for reducing security-related human error, our Data in Motion training modules show employees the unexpectedly awful real-world outcomes of careless data handling.

We transform data compromise from “dry and theoretical” to “immediate and emotional.” The next time someone is tempted to make a big mistake, they’ll have internalized a firm voice of sanity. A voice that speaks for data security best practices when you’re not there. A voice that says, loud and clear:

You saw what happened to them. Don’t do it. Don’t even think about it.

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Data in Motion