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Fun, Fast, Compliant, GDPR Training

GDPR compliance (Article 57) requires you to promote your employees’ awareness and understanding of the risks, rules, safeguards, and their rights in relation to GDPR -- and there can be severe penalties if you don’t. Fortunately, Ataata makes employee GDPR awareness incredibly easy and fun. Our security awareness platform integrates all the content and tools you need to get the job done.

GDPR regulations: Answering the question “why should I care?”

GDPR regulations are complex, and, let’s face it – can be really boring. But Ataata’s video-centric GDPR training module distills and humanizes them, teaching employees exactly what they need to know - and, just as important, why they should care.

GDPR training that’s easy to plan, deliver, and experience

Ataata’s employee GDPR training takes only a few minutes and promotes your employees’ awareness and understanding of the risks, rules, safeguards and their rights in relation to:

  1. Consent (what it means in respect to data use)
  2. Data Classification (Personal Data or Sensitive Personal Data)
  3. Rights of the Data Subject (particularly those around data use and misuse)
  4. Data Breach/Incident Response (how it is everyone's responsibility to spot and report an incident)

Customize your GDPR training with company-specific information

Ataata’s GDPR training module brings Hollywood-level entertainment to a difficult GDPR requirement: to inform your employees of the purpose and nature of GDPR regulations. And as you know, your GDPR compliance program could incorporate some company-specific information. Ataata's platform makes customization easy and seamless, from integration to delivery and assessment.

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