Module Topics

Not Just HIPAA Training Videos

You know rigorous HIPAA compliance is an urgent matter. But do your employees truly get it? Do they know how to comply? Do they view security the right way, so you can go beyond "checking the boxes" on HIPAA compliance to really protect your clients and yourself from HIPAA violations? Ataata can help. Our training approach raises awareness of core issues and helps you foster HIPAA awareness as part of your company's work culture.

Grounding HIPAA Compliance in your employees' day-to-day reality

Healthcare professionals have no time to spare, so we deliver useful knowledge in monthly 2-to-3-minute HIPAA training modules. The modules aren't just quick: they're highly personally relevant. Our HIPAA compliance videos show real workplaces where it's all too easy to create HIPAA violations in a moment of carelessness. Your employees see just how disastrous HIPAA compliance breaches can be to everyone - including themselves.

It's easy to scare people. It's harder to motivate them. We do it by delivering the truth with a light touch, and a self aware style of humor that's extremely rare in HIPAA compliance training. Our training approach makes people want to do the right thing.

Gain new visibility on your efforts to prevent HIPAA violations

Ataata's HIPAA compliance training delivers immediate feedback to every employee. And you get real-time analysis of how they're doing, so you always know who needs more teaching and supervision. HIPAA compliance training shouldn't be once-and-done. With Ataata, it's continually delivered and measured, to people who actually want it.

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