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Improve info security by hardening your physical environment

Not everything's digital or virtual. Physical security is more important than it's ever been. That means securing paper, desks, screens, buildings. It calls for a whole different kind of infosecurity awareness. And that's where Ataata's IT security awareness training comes in.

IT security awareness training that extends from paper to desks to building access

Ataata's training modules demonstrate how real people can carelessly compromise physical security, compromising crucial information with potentially disastrous consequences. This is online information security training for real offices and real companies, where business-critical information is often visible to whoever wanders by, and it's too easy for "just anyone" to get inside.

Physical info security: not just problems, but solutions

You provide shredders. Your computers have screen locks. Do people use them? You issue key cards. Do people let strangers in anyway? Do people leave workspaces in disarray, littered with confidential information? If you want people to finally "get religion" about physical infosecurity, show what happens when they don't - and how easy it is to do better. Ataata's online information security training modules make your point, quickly and unforgettably - so people remember, and they change.

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