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Cyber Safety: Train Your People on the Basics of Password Security

Until enterprise security doesn't depend on passwords anymore, you have to get password hygiene right. But you've told people all the basics, and they still don't listen. Now, get them to act, with Ataata password-related cyber safety videos that are too real — and too much fun — to ignore.

Improve enterprise security best practices

To get password security best practices past your employees' psychological defenses, we make cyber safety immediate, personal, and real. This is the most human password cyber safety training you've ever seen: quick, sitcom-style vignettes with characters pulled right from your workplace. Your employees will recognize these people. For some, it will be like looking in the mirror.

That connection is what you need to shake them people out of their comfort zones. That and making the danger of weak passwords vivid and personal. That's how you get people to finally stop reusing home passwords, or making them so obvious a first-grader could guess them. That's how you transform security best practices from a "might do" to a "must do."

Then, use Ataata's immediate feedback and human risk assessment to measure the changes. See who's still resisting, and intervene.

Ataata is more than just a training platform. Ataata is a complete, focused system for improving cyber safety and enterprise security — and it works.

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