Module Topics

PCI training that goes beyond mere "PCI compliance"

PCI training shouldn't be about simply checking "compliance" boxes. It should be integrated into a holistic program for security awareness: one that goes beyond PCI compliance standards to help employees think and act differently about all aspects of security.

Integrating PCI education into a broader, more effective solution

Ataata's platform trains your people on security issues required by PCI compliance, so you don't need a separate PCI education solution from yet another vendor. But we don't stop there. We cover security issues that matter profoundly even if they're outside the scope of PCI compliance. And our platform adds training on emerging threats even if they haven't been incorporated into PCI standards yet.

Not just PCI compliance - true risk management

Best of all, Ataata's PCI training generates data that gives you complete visibility into its effectiveness. Ataata's dashboard pinpoints areas of vulnerability associated with human error and carelessness — including individuals who aren't just "non-compliant," but exhibit signs of exceptionally high risk. Suddenly, you're not just filing compliance reports: you're managing human risk more effectively than ever before.

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