Module Topics

Phishing awareness training that hits home

Discover the four ways Ataata can help you meaningfully reduce your employees' vulnerability to phishing and related cyber threats:

  1. We show your employees exactly how they can be victimized, through characters they can relate to, in cyber security videos that are downright funny, in training modules that get the point across.
  2. We cover phishing, vishing, and CEO/wire fraud coherently as part of a single holistic program for reducing human error.
  3. We provide comprehensive real-time feedback to employees — and also to you, so you always know who needs timely, focused remediation.
  4. Unlike many other phishing awareness training solutions, our platform integrates awareness training and easy-to-run phishing testing under your full control. It's never been easier to discover how your employees will actually act when they're phished — and do something about it.

You need more than cyber security videos to combat cyber threat

Sure, our modules include unforgettable cyber security videos. But we take a more holistic approach to raising cyber awareness, especially in our phishing awareness training module. We incorporate real-time feedback for both employees and security leadership. We integrate phishing tests alongside phishing training modules. And all of it is dead simple to manage, administered through a single screen.

If you're searching for a better way to harden your workforce against phishing, you've just found it.

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