Module Topics

A cyber security awareness program that deters CEO and wire fraud

One fraudulent email can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars, and phony emails have fooled some pretty smart people. Make your warnings against CEO and wire transfer fraud more effective, with the quick, focused training modules integrated into Ataata's cyber security awareness program.

A holistic approach to online security awareness training and business risk management

Part of a complete system for reducing human error and increasing vigilance, our online security awareness training videos bring the experience of CEO and wire fraud to life. That's the best way to make sure people recognize what they're seeing before they're victimized. We:

  1. Show employees how to notice the first signs of risk
  2. Model the behavior of double-checking when you're not sure
  3. Help executives avoid worsening the problem through careless social media posts
  4. Help you systematically track progress in strengthening your human defenses against fraud

There's nothing "generic" about our online security awareness training. And it's definitely not "security theater." What it really is: a meaningful contribution to more effective business risk management.

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CEO Wire Fraud